Coraline.2009.DVDRip.XviD.BG.AUDiO-CRiMES.avi 000206623

The back door, as shown in the film

The back door is located in Coraline ' s father ' s office, at the end of the first floor corridor. In the film, Coraline goes trhough it only in the beginning. In the video game, you can see it if you follow the trail right of the house, but only part of it (if you are in the office, you could not open it. When you pass the gate of the tennis court, turn right and you will see the back door, but different (looks familiar to the front door), and it can not be opened.
Coraline PS2 Walkthrough Part 3.mp4 000407905

The back door, as shown in the game

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