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The button eyes were the objects used by the beldam to tie one's soul to the other world.

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Movie Edit

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Later in the film it is revealed by the sweet ghost girl that the beldam uses the doll's button eyes to spy on Coraline, as well as she did for all three ghost children.

Books Edit

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Video game Edit

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Known Recipients Edit

  • The beldam.
  • The doll.
  • Other Spink.
  • Other Miriam.
  • Other Bobinsky.
  • Other Father.
  • Other Wybie.
  • The sweet ghost girl.
  • The ghost boy.
  • The tall ghost girl.

Quotes Edit

  • "Black is traditional. But if you'd prefer pink, or vermilion? Though you might make me jealous!" -- The beldam.
  • "Buttons for eyes, huh? Coraline, you only dreamed you ate all that chicken. Take your multivitamin at least." -- Mel Jones.
  • "You're not my mother. My mother doesn't have b-b-b-..." -- Coraline Jones, "--B-b-b-buttons?! Do you like them?" -- The beldam (as Other Mother).

Trivia Edit

  • The beldam applies all button eyes to her creations and victims yet she has them too. It's never explained who applied the button eyes on the beldam.
  • Buttons are mentioned in the Other Father's welcoming song for Coraline, which is meant to be both a nice welcoming gesture, and a warning call.
  • In the video game, cheat codes can be used to have Coraline's eyes be replaced with buttons.

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