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  • Aaron Jarrett (painter)
  • Alicia McDaid (painter)
  • Ami Goff (art department assistant)
  • Amy Wulfing (character painter)
  • Andy Berry (set builder (as Christian Berry))
  • Andy Schuhler (additional character designer / set illustrator)
  • Angela De Cristofaro (painter)
  • Angela Kiely (character painter)
  • Anne Adams (art department production assistant)
  • Ans Ellis (model maker (as Johanna Ellis))


  • Benjamin Vu (model maker: visual development (as Ben Vu))
  • Bill Boes (pre-production designer (uncredited))
  • Brian Smith (set builder)
  • Bridget Phelan (set dresser)


  • Cecilia Tonnison (assistant character painter)
  • Chad Gennuso (assistant character painter)
  • Charles Daniels (model maker: visual development)
  • Chris Appelhans (illustrator (as Christopher Appelhans))
  • Chris Butler (storyboard supervisor)
  • Chris Turnham (illustrator / production illustrator)
  • Christian Lloyd (assistant painter)
  • Christopher Fortner (construction production assistant)
  • Christopher Rabilwongse (character painter)
  • Cody Bartol (model shop coordinator)
  • Courtney Booker (model maker: visual development)
  • Cynthia Star (lead character painter)


  • Damon Bard (sculptor)
  • Damon W. Smith (model maker (as Damon Smith))
  • Dan Sutherland (set builder)
  • Dana Geraths (set builder)
  • Danielle Bedick (junior model maker)
  • Darcy Nelson (set builder)
  • David Waddle (model maker)
  • Dawn Swiderski (Art Direction)
  • Dexter Caseres (character painter)
  • Don Lundell (set dresser)
  • Douglas Mitchell (foam caster)
  • Drew Pinniger (set construction coordinator)
  • Dwayne Erickson (painter)


  • Ean McNamara (storyboard artist)
  • Emily Franz (junior model maker)
  • Emily Peterson (construction production assistant)
  • Erin Van Dyke (art department intern)


  • Gary Logue (set builder)
  • Georgie Everard (additional set dresser)
  • Graham Annable (storyboard artist)


  • Huy Vu (model maker)


  • Jack Norton (set builder)
  • Jason Lajka (set designer)
  • Jason Thibodeaux (character painter)
  • Javid Howell (set builder)
  • Jennifer Mickelson (art department coordinator)
  • Jessica Lynn (wig maker (uncredited))
  • Joe Schmidt (model maker: visual development (as Joseph Schmidt))
  • John Logue (set builder)
  • John Rourke (set builder)
  • Johnny Painter (character painter (as Johnny LeBlanc))
  • Jon Klassen (illustrator (as Jonathan Klassen))
  • Jose Solis (painter)
  • Joseph Kincher (junior model maker)
  • Joshua Storey (character painter)
  • Julian Narino (storyboard artist)
  • Justin Boly (assistant character painter)


  • Kathleen Chamberlin (scenic artist)
  • Katy Clarke (set dresser)
  • Katy Moore-Kozachik (assistant set dresser)
  • Katy Wu (junior illustrator)
  • Keith McQueen (lead model builder)
  • Kent Melton (sculptor)
  • Kieron Thomas
  • Kingman Gallagher (Kingman Gallagher)


  • Larry King (construction foreman)
  • Lars C. Larsen (
  • Lauren Bair (conceptual artist)
  • Lauren Vogt (draper painter)
  • Lee Bo Henry (Art Direction (as Bo Henry))
  • Leo Rijn (sculptor)
  • Linda Overbey (lead painter)
  • Loren Hillman-Morgan (scenic artist (as Loren Hillman))
  • Lorna Cashmore (set dresser)


  • Marc Ribaud (mechanical prop builder)
  • Marina Budovsky (assistant character painter)
  • Mark Brokaw (lead mold builder)
  • Matt Sanders (art director: fantastic garden)
  • Matvey Rezanov (painter)
  • M'chel Bauxal (makeup artist (uncredited))
  • Michael Murnane (model maker: visual development)
  • Michel Breton (illustrator)
  • Miguel Sandoval (draftsman: facial animation design)
  • Mike Cachuela (co-storyboard supervisor)
  • Mitchell Romanauski (model shop supervisor)
  • Morgan Hay (assistant art director)


  • Nicole Fitzhugh (storyboard department production assistant)


  • Paul Mack (model maker)
  • Paul Messina (construction buyer)
  • Pei Yi Chou (character painter)
  • Phil Brotherton (Art Direction)
  • Phil LaFond (set builder (as Philip LaFond))


  • Rebecca Stillman (model maker)
  • Robb Kramer (lead sculptor / set designer)
  • Robert DeSue (set dresser)
  • Robert J. Lang (designer and creator: dragonslies (as Dr. Robert J. Lang))


  • Samnang Yong (character painter)
  • Sarah Serata (art department coordinator)
  • Sarah Wells (set dresser)
  • Scott Foster (sculptor)
  • Shane Prigmore (character designer)
  • Stephanie Choi (character design / concept design)
  • Stephen Bodin (graphic designer)
  • Steve Moore (additional storyboard artist)


  • Tadahiro Uesugi (concept artist)
  • Tim Tanner (set builder (as Timothy Tanner))
  • Tom Proost (Art Direction)
  • Tony Candelaria (model maker)
  • Tony Merrithew (sculptor)
  • Tony Travis (scenic artist (as Anthony Travis))
  • Tory Bryant (character painter)


  • Vera Brosgol (storyboard artist)


  • William Sturrock (set designer)


  • Yvonne Kowsun (scenic artist)


  • Zero Black (set builder)

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