First I have to thank Theorizer for his portion of the theory and you should totally check him out. Now on to the theory my theory is that the other mother was lured to the other world by one of her victims. The fairy in the book of course you may wonder how she ties in but I will get to that in a second. So as the Theorizer put it the other mother used to be a human but why is there a fairy ring around the well I believe that the fairy was actually in the other world before the other mother was. I believe the fairy was the first victim of the other mother and created the other world by mistake. I believe this is another portion of the Theorizers theory that the fairy came from another world and created the well portal that the other world was linked to this would also explain why the other world is linked to the pink place it is not because that is the only place she can link a portal to it is because the pink place is home I really hope that this sums up the Theorizers theory that something form another world created the portal to the other world which was created by the fairy in the book thank you for reading and if you think that this has any holes in it please let me know

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