The Dining Room is one of the rooms in the Jonenes Family's flat in the Pink Palace Apartments, located on the first floor. It is the room just after the corridor where the stairs are located.

Appearance Edit

Silhouette photos in the other world's dining room

Silhouette photos

Unlike in the real world, where the dining room showed a rather dirty window at the side of the room, in the other world it sported a elegant-looking one, offering a nice view to those who are sitting at the long rectangular table with four elegant cushioned chairs. The walls are designed in vintage-styled wooden wainscot, decorated with three circular frames with photos of children's silhouettes.

Overview Edit

In the real world it was not quite touched upon in the real world, as Coraline and her family often eat in the kitchen for an unexplained reason. However, as seen in the other world when Coraline visited for the first time, the dining room is filled much so much wonder as all the "other" creations of the other mother.

Trivia Edit

  • The dining room in the Other World has three photos whose silhouettes closely resemble the ghost children.