The Drawing Room or Living Room is one of the rooms present in the Pink Palace Apartments. It is the room where the little door in which Coraline goes through between worlds is located. When the Jones Family moved in to the Pink Palace Apartments, the room was found to be filled with broken things, luggages, cardboard boxes, broken furniture with the wall covered in dirt and disgusting stuff. As Coraline travelled to the other world, The ''Other'' Drawing room was the same compared to the real Drawing Room only to be much more beautiful, clean, stylish, better furniture and stuff. However as the Other World revealed its true colours after Coraline found the real (evil) nature of the Other Mother, the room was reduced and changed to an evil, devastating, devilish style resembling a bug-inspired theme. The entire wall was changed to a purple colour being some of it dark purple and some of it light purple and It's texture was also changed resembling a huge chunk of spiders all over. The fire place wasn't changed much, only its colour and the metal-like-hold in front of it being more like drastically horrifying. All the sofas and the table were reduced into a bug form filled with different colours all over and some of them came to life as seen throughout the movie when Coraline was inside the room. The windows were replaced into red evil looking curtains where in the middle of them laid a gap form of a monster of some sort where deeper inside were other curtains with a much more darker purple than the wall's purple colour. The roof was also changed to a huge dark purple colour, only in the middle of it was pink. The wordrobe which blocked the entrance of travelling between worlds also was in a form of a bug however it was massive and huge compared to the rest of the other furniture inside. The Chandelier and lamp next to the wordobe weren't seen looking like bugs but their form changed a little (the lamp's top had pointed glass flowers with a red colour and the chandelier was horrifying looking). The last thing was that the photo hanging on the wall above the fire place had its square shape replaced by a form of a black spider however the photo was still seen but it was changed from when it was before the room was normal. As seen throughout the movie, the colour of the room depended on the colour and form of the Beldam. When she was changed into her 2nd form, it's colour was mostly purple-like and when she was changed into her true form the colour of the room wasn't purple any more but being more dark, horrifying and spooky with the fire was seen to be glowing yellow and green which were the same colours of the room at that time but with a huge-black-dark tone. It is revealed at the end of the movie that the room was the main place of the other world as it is seen being reduced to nothing but a spider web covered with a blank empty space and the furniture was stuck to it. It also hinted that the web might indicate the Beldam's true form and species is like a spider of some sort.

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