Ghost Boy
Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human (previously)
Affiliation: Pink Palace
Appearances: Book and Film

The Ghost Boy is one of the ghost children that appeared behind the mirror along with the other two ghost who also spoke with Coraline.

Overview Edit

When Coraline first met him in the book, she couldn't tell whether he was a boy or a girl, but he soon clarifies his gender. However, he too was not certain at first, as it was one of the many things in life he had forgotten. He was the only one, out of the three ghosties , who still remembered his mother despite the fact he remembered nothing else about his life. After being trapped inside the mirror, presumably the second child to be trapped in the other world, he is eventually freed by Coraline's help for finding his eyes and bringing it back in the real world. The Beldam put his real eyes in the lever ball of the mechanical praying mantis.

Appearance Edit

Like the rest of the other ghost children, he was a translucent blue, having buttons for eyes as sewn by the other mother. He wore a long-sleeved blouse tucked beneath his slacks with suspenders. Although wearing the same clothes after his soul was released by Coraline, he however got back his real eyes and was no longer a transcendent blue but of golden color in the film. However, in the book, he appeared to take the form of the living.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first ghost that Coraline rescued from the other father.