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Miss Forcible
Name: Miriam Forcible
Aliases: Miss Forcible
Gender: Female
Age: 97
Species: Human
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Light blue (pupil: light blue)
Skin Color: White
Affiliation: Pink Palace, April Spink
Voiced by: Dawn French
Appearances: Book and Film

Miriam Forcible, or better known as Miss Forcible, is a retired burlesque actress along with Miss Spink.

Overview Edit

Miss Forcible is less intelligent than Miss Spink. She constantly argues with April about who's right and wrong, and craves attention. As how it was depicted in the film when she was reading Coraline's tea, Miriam is practically blind as a bat, as Miss Spink puts it, and uses small spectacles to see through more clearer.

The Other Miss Forcible Edit

"Oh my god." Coraline on seeing a skimpily dressed Miss. Forcible.

The Other Miss. Forcible looked the same as Forcible. She is first revealed with long hair and in a Venus style clamshell. Then she shed her old skin and became the younger Forcible that Coraline saw on the walls and then took her on the trapeze with the Other Miss Spink while quoting a monologue from Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.


Appearance Edit

Unlike Miss Spink, Forcible is taller and has a well-endowed bust. She is curvier, has short pale hair and pale blue eyes decorated with teal eye shadow.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Coraline) "Well, not to worry, child: It's good news. There's a tall, handsome beast in your future."
  • (To Coraline) "I see a giraffe."
  • (To Coraline) "Acquire a very tall step-ladder."

Trivia Edit

  • She was correct when she said the seeing stone could help find lost things.
  • During the Other Miss Spink and Forcible's trapeze act, they are quoting a monologue from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • Miss Forcible is known as the "most hated character" due to her large chest

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