April Spink

Miss Spink, or otherwise known as 'April Spink', is Coraline Jones's neighbour and is described to be big and old. She is a retired actress, and shares a flat with Miss Forcible in the basement part of the Pink Palace Apartments. Miss Spink and Miss Forcible are two elderly retired actresses that share a domestic life in the Pink Palace Apartments. Out of the two, she is the smarter one. She is a quite round, fair skinned woman with pink hair and heavy blue eyeshadow. She wears a green/sea foam dress with ruffles at the ends of it and a white pearl necklace. She also walks around with a walker that is filled with knitting supplies in case she has to knit an angel sweater for when her Scottie dogs are dying.

In the Other World, she and Miss Forcible both have counterparts, who put on a show for Coraline. The Other Miss Spink is dressed as a mermaid with painted buttons made to look like eyes. She recites alongside the Other Forcible but they soon start arguing and the performance dissolves into chaos. Following the destruction of the props and play, the pair resort to acrobatics. They somehow strip away their old skin and turn into their younger selves, seen previously on posters in their basement flat.

When Coraline searches for the Ghost Children's eyes, the Other Spink and Forcible are turned into a grotesque green and pink taffy monster with their entangled bodies resembling marshmallow twists and with hair like ribbon candy (Also not officially known as "Old Taffy"). The dogs are turned into bat-like creatures with red bloodshot eyes. The pair are inside a large paper taffy and hold a ghost child's eye in the form of a pearl ring. When Coraline attempts to remove it from them, they emerge and screech at her to "Thief" and "Give it back". Coraline defeats them by making the bats swoop down in anger for her, ducking so they miss and hit the whining twosome instead. They promptly turn into a grotesque statues with hideous faces. The Taffy Monsters are based off the taffy that Miss Forcible gives Coraline. The Miss Spink from the other world is based on the posters in the real world.