Mrs. Lovat
Name: Mrs. Lovat
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Family: Wybie Lovat (Grandson)
Sweet Ghost Girl (Sister)
Affiliation: Pink Palace
Wybie Lovat
Voiced by: Carolyn Crawford
Appearances: Film

Mrs. Lovat, otherwise known as Wybie's grandmother, is Wybie's overprotective grandmother and the owner of the Pink Palace Apartments. She only appears at the end of the film. She is voiced by Carolyn Crawford.

Overview Edit

Before the Pink Palace was separated into flats, Mrs. Lovat used to live there with her twin sister. However in 1952, her sister mysteriously vanished one day, and Mrs. Lovat believed she was "stolen." Her grandson, on the other hand, believes that she simply ran away. It is revealed that Mrs. Lovat's missing twin sister was indeed stolen, and by the Beldam.

Believing that someone "stole" her sister, Mrs. Lovat moved out of her childhood home and divided it into three apartments. Afraid of the Beldam claiming another child, she does not allow Wybie to enter it, nor allow any tenants with children to rent the apartments, until 60 years later in 2012, when Coraline's family moves into the Pink Palace. There had been no people with children who lived there prior to the Jones. It is unexplained as to why Coraline's family was an exception.

Even when her twin sister went missing, Mrs. Lovat kept the doll that used to belong to her sister in a trunk, perhaps for sentimental purposes. The doll, which used to look like her sister, was altered by the Beldam to look like Coraline, as seen in the beginning of the film. At the end of the film, Coraline invites Mrs. Lovat and Wybie to the garden party, where Mrs. Lovat tells Coraline what really happened to her missing twin sister.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Lovat, a kind, loving, and elderly woman, Although not explicitly said in the film, Mrs. Lovat is implied to be African-American or of African descent.

Personality Edit

For most of the film, Mrs. Lovat is just a loud voice calling Wybie to come home from afar who Wybie seems to fear. The way Wybie describes her makes her seem like a scary person, and in some ways this seems to be true. She is overprotective of him and presumably scolds him harshly when he worries her. However, it may be because she is only worried about her grandson because she loves him and only wants him safe. When Wybie takes her to Coraline's garden party, she talks sternly to him and then greets Coraline with a kind, friendly smile.

Quotes Edit

These quotes are all said in chronological order.

  • "Wyborn, come home!"
  • "Wyborn, I know where I'm going. I grew up here."

Trivia Edit

  • Much like her grandson Wybie, Mrs. Lovat was not mentioned in the book.
  • Mrs. Lovat is the twin sister of the sweet ghost girl.