Coraline 211
The Tall Ghost Girl is one of The Three Souls Coraline meets in the mirror. They tell her all about what they have been through due to the Other Mother and warns her that she is in awful danger.

They insist that she must leave the Beldam's world and go straight back home. They also ask her to find their eyes so they too can escape.

The Tall Ghost Girl is the second of the three ghosts that Coraline saves. The Beldam put her real eyes in the pearl ring worn by the Other Miss Spink and Miss Forcible.


The girl is, hence her name, a tall ghost with button eyes and a bluish-gray light. Until the end of the film, her face is stuck in an expression of exaggerated horror. She is called a "Pioneer Girl" by Coraline and was presumably the first victim of the Beldam. She is featured in a tattered dress and bonnet, and having a slight Western accent in the film. Also, when she and the other two ghosts are set free into the Afterlife, her bonnet is missing and her dress looks repaired. Her real name is a mystery since she doesn't remember what it is.

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