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Coraline (film)

The Doll is a creation of the Other Mother used to spy on Coraline and her life and the secondary antagonist.


The Doll was made by the Beldam or the Other Mother. It was first seen in appearance of the Sweet Ghost Girl, who is Wybie Lovat's great-aunt. In the beginning of the film, the Other Mother customized it to the appearance of a 12 year-old girl named Coraline, and sent the doll to her.
Coraline Doll 1

The doll as Coraline.

The doll was later found by Mel Jones, Coraline's mom, wrapped in newspaper with a note from Wybie, asking was it hers since it looked so much like her. Coraline replies that she's too old for dolls, unaware of the secret behind it. The Doll was carried by Coraline to her dad's room where he is busy typing and Coraline is told to count all the windows and blue things in the house. When Coraline puts the doll down for a while, looks away, then looks back, she sees that the doll had mysteriously moved behind a box. This is part of the Beldam's trap. As she comes to get it, she sees a little, sealed up door and pesters her mom to unlock it. As her mom unseals it, the doll has a little look of mischief. The Doll was later seen spying on Coraline and Wybie, while they were speaking about Wybie's Grandmother's missing twin sister, and the Cat was suspicious of it. When Coraline was locked away with the ghost children, they revealed that the Doll was used by the Other Mother to spy in their lives and she saw what made them unhappy, later Coraline escaped from the Other World with help of the Other Wybie, and in the Real World, the real Wybie asked Coraline to give the Doll back, due that it belonged to his Grandmother's missing sister, and now his grandmother was angry, then Coraline realized that the Sweet Ghost Girl was Mrs. Lovat's missing twin sister and tried to explain to Wybie that his great-aunt was stolen by the Other Mother and the Doll is her spy, but as she couldn't find the Doll, Wybie believed that she was crazy and ran off. Later, Coraline's parents were missing and Coraline asked the Cat if he knew where her parents are, the Cat showed her an image in a mirror of her real parents trapped and shivering, when Coraline asked him how that happened, the Cat showed her the Doll, that was remade to each side to resemble her parents, signifiying that the Other Mother has kidnapped them, Coraline was angry and threw the Doll to the fireplace, where it was burnt.



Coraline and her doll

The Doll first appeared to have button eyes, brown pigtails, bows, and a pink dress to reflect her previous victim.

When modified, its appearance was modified to look more like Coraline, having blue hair, a yellow rain coat, a red striped shirt, and a black skirt.

When Coraline escaped to the Real World, the Doll was remade to look like Mel Jones, on one side with brown hair, a white sweater and black pants, and by the other side was remade to look like Charlie Jones, with curly brown hair, a brown jacket and brown pants


  • It was said that the Beldam spies through the eyes of the doll.
  • The doll was used on four children, its appearance altered by hand by the Other Mother to match the appearance of the child of her choice.
  • It is also very likely that the doll was first made in the appearance of the Tall Ghost Girl. Second, It was probably modified to match the appearance of the Ghost Boy. Third, it was probably modified to match the appearance of the Sweet Ghost girl.
  • It was stuffed with sand instead of cotton when used on Coraline. This is shown to reflect her other creations too, shown that Other Wybie and the hummingbirds being filled with sand as well.
  • Because the doll bears an exact likeness aside from the button eyes, it can be assumed that the doll is the closest there is to an "Other Coraline".

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