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Mouse Circus
Name: Mouse Cirus
Others: Jumping Mouse Circus
Affiliation: Pink Palace, Mr. Bobinsky
Appearances: Book and Film

The Mouse Circus is owned and led by Mr. Bobinsky and consists of jumping mice, a group whereby is highly doubted to exist in the real world because of what is depicted through the film unlike that of what is shown in the Other World where its existence was proved to be true. In the film, the jumping mice in the real world are only a bunch of rats. However, Mr. B's mice do seem real as they tell Mr. B to tell Coraline not to go through the door to the Other World. They even get Coraline's name right while everyone else calls her Caroline. After the Other Mother is defeated, Mr. B tells Coraline that the mice say she is their savior and are willing to do a special performance just for her.