After Coraline leaves the kitchen, she see's her father 'playing' piano (He seems a little off, but he hides it because of the beldam) He plays her a song:

Making up a song about Coraline! she's a peach, She's a doll, she's a pal of mine! She's as cute as button in the eyes of anyone who laid their eyes on Coraline! When she goes around exploring, Mom and I will never ever make it boring, our eyes on Coraline!

Some people say the other father is giving her hints,

"She's a peach" (The other mother will try to eat her) "She's a doll" (The other will try to control her)

"She's as cute as a button" (The other mother will try to sew buttons into her eyes),

"Our eyes will be on Coraline" (The beldam will be watching her and or the sewing of buttons into Coraline's eyes),

"Mom and I will never ever make it boring" (They will make her life better than her life with her real parents)

But these questions were never answered.

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