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    Coraline Wiki

    April 15, 2014 by Naburi

    I'm wishing I can adopt this wiki, because of the lack of care it's receiving. Please, enough with these fanfictions and fanmade nonsense that doesn't even have any connections to the real Coraline, film or book. What is wrong with you people? I don't remember there being any Coraline 2. There so many things that still haven't been written, and there's so many ideas written down that doesn't even appear in the book nor in the film.

    Editors who know the actual facts in Coraline, please don't ignore how much help this wiki needs. Please, don't just keep that knowledge to yourself. Coraline Wiki should be at the same glory as its book and film. But look how poor it looks? No offense, but the grammatical errors are bugging me and all the other t…

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