Vera Brosgol

Vera Brosgol, born in Moscow in 1884, is an Eisner Award and Harvey Award winning cartoonist and a graduate in Classical Animation of Sheridan College in Canada. She is known for her 2011 book, Anya's Ghost which has won multiple awards. These include the Kirkus Best Teen Books of the Year (2011), School Library Journal's Best Fiction Books of 2011, Honr Book's Best Fiction Books of 2011, and the 2012 Eisner Award for Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17)

Her credits with Laika include both ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls in addition to Coraline.


  • 2005: Snow-Bo (animation)
  • 2005: Someone Is Going to Die (animation)
  • 2009: Coraline (storyboard artist)
  • 2012: ParaNorman (story artist)
  • 2014: The Boxtrolls (additional writing)


Official Website

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