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Policies and Rules Edit

Though Fandom does not necessarily adhere to rules proposed for this wiki, detailed here, exclusively, the Coraline Wiki is required to adhere to some policies and rules proposed by Fandom. Those can be read here and here.

User Behavior Edit

The Coraline Wiki does not frown on negative behavior. Behave as you want, curse, write offensive blogs, all you want but limit it to such a manner that is still within the purview of the Fandom's global rules.

You're still required to accept other people's wants when dealing with them on their terms, such as their own talk page; there they have the authority to state what you can and can not do, in a manner that complies with common sense.

Manual of Style Edit

The style and quality expected by the Coraline Wiki is proposed here.

Capitalization Edit

The Coraline Wiki capitalizes titles regardless but these titles are not, except if it is an proper title, capitalized in the article.
Objects, entities, people:
Coraline Wiki adhere to the spelling of the book, because it was released first, in which all common nouns are not capitalized. Do not capitalize: the well, or the cat, or the car. A unique scenario to this rule is the other world which is never mention as such in the book, but if it had; the Coraline Wiki assume it would have been treatead as a common noun. Though, other mother and Other Mother both are valid, gramatic context determines which is proper, the book has made an effort in not capitalizing thus so will Coraline Wiki.

Contractions Edit

Contracted text, abbrevations, are often considered informal or inappropriate thus the Coraline Wiki refrains from contracting words in our content articles.

Pronuns Edit

Coraline Wiki adheres to the examples of the books and movies where in common, mainstream pronuns are used: Coraline is a girl which is a term for a young woman, Wybie Lovat is a boy which is a term for a young man, academically; Coraline is a female and Wybie is a male.

Canon Edit

This wiki is related to the canon works of Coraline. The canon of Coraline comes from any officially released production. Theories, assumptions, conjectures are not canon thus disallowed to be added. For example: fan theories from blogs or videos are not relevant to an article, the information that forms the basis of the theories may be but not the actual theories. A good example is the The Beldam (Other Mother) page that demonstrates folklore, mythology, ideologies, other beliefs, but it doesn't actually proclaim a theory formulated through all of these sources of information.

Other Information Edit